Seller’s choice – Why Seller’s should instruct the Conveyancer.

You would not necessarily appoint a Gynaecologist to operate on your heart, even if he was legally able to do so. In much the same way, it is best to instruct a Conveyancer (a specialist Attorney who specialises in the legal aspects of buying and selling immovable property, or conveyancing), than an Attorney who specialises in only civil or court work. Conveyancer’s are Attorneys who have studied and passed specialised board exams, and have been admitted in the High Court as Conveyancer’s. All deeds of transfers and mortgage bonds will not be registered unless they have been prepared by a Conveyancer.

What many Seller’s do not know, is that they have the right to choose which Conveyancer is to be appointed in the transfer of their property. It is not for the Agent or Purchaser to decide, and the Seller should be made aware of this. Conveyancer’s need to remain approachable to both the Purchaser and Seller, as many issues can be resolved through continuous communication. However, Seller’s should be careful and appoint a Conveyancer they trust, as it provides them with some protection throughout the transaction. Lawrence Masiza Vorster Incorporated has a skilled team of five Conveyancing Secretaries and two qualified Conveyancer’s. Should you have any queries regarding a property matter, feel free to give us a call on 041 373 0030, alternatively send an email to or Let us help ease the stress and anxiety of selling a home, from start to finish.

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