We attend to the collection process; starting from Letter of Demand and issuing of Summons. The process includes obtaining Judgment against debtor and conducting a Financial Enquiry at court so that we may attain an Emoluments Attachment or Garnishee Order. Thereafter we facilitate and oversee monthly payments by the debtor. Alternatively, we attach the debtor’s property to satisfy the Judgment debt and proceed with a Sale in Execution.

Lawrence Masiza Vorster Inc can act as Correspondent for out-of-town attorneys suing within the Port Elizabeth, Motherwell and New Brighton jurisdiction.


  • Issuing of court process  and obtaining judgments against debtors
  • Obtaining emoluments attachment orders and garnishee orders
  • Conducting financial enquiries
  • Facilitating and overseeing monthly payments by debtors
  • Sales in execution of judgments