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Inside the leash there is an inner cord, the ‘Silver Cord.’ If and when the standard leash breaks, the inner cord remains and is activated. This inner cord has less stretch as the normal leash, and it serves a purpose of allowing a surfer to retain his or her surfboard, and make a decision from there. The decision can be to either make his or her way to the safety of the beach, or to continue surfing.

The innovative Silver Cord leash has undergone much research and testing, and there are many technological elements to the leash. It was designed as a back-up system without affecting the functionality of a standard leash. Some key points:

  • If and when your leash breaks, you will remain connected via the inner cord. This safety element is the key innovation in the Silver Cord.
  • Safety is paramount in this product, whether it be the safety of a learner surfer in small surf, a competent surfer in solid conditions, or a big wave surfer in giant waves. When you use the Silver Cord you will be safer.
  • There is less chance of your board getting damaged on the rocks or in a shore dump.
  • There is less chance of your board floating freely and hitting or injuring a swimmer or fellow surfer.
  • Should you want to be disconnected from the surfboard, in extreme conditions, after a big wipe-out or as a result of entanglement, there is a unique quick-release pin that will immediately disconnect the surfer and the leash. This is referred to as Bail Safe Device or BSD.
  • The leash has interchangeable parts, being the rail saver, the leash itself, and the ankle cuff. Should the leash break you just need to buy the leash part and reattach it to the rail saver and ankle cuff. This will save money and also mean that less waste goes to the landfills.

Stronger. Safer. Silver Cord.